Steve Madden’s 5Town Records Has Released Its First Track

World renowned shoe designer Steve Madden is adding music to the brand's name after the release of the debut single, “REDEMPTION,” by EZI.

The first artist signed to the newly launched 5Towns Records – the locally based label founded by Madden and music/marketing veteran Steve Feinberg. 5Towns Records has partnered with ADA, Warner Music Group’s independent distribution and services arm, for digital and physical distribution, as well as full label services including radio, press, digital, and marketing.

“I was six years old when I saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, and from that very moment until right now music has been a vital part of my life, and by extension an equally important role in the DNA of the Steve Madden brand,” says Madden. “Starting the 5Towns label with Steve Feinberg seemed like a perfect next step in my desire to always aim for the commercially viable cutting edge. Our first artist, EZI, fits that mission perfectly. When I heard the music I was hooked… She is wildly talented, and I think she’s going to be a mega pop star. My kids had seen her on TV and I was intrigued. Then quite by chance she came into one of my stores. It seemed like it was meant to be.”

If any song were an ideal introduction to EZI (also known as Esther Zynn), “REDEMPTION” would be it. The Long Island, New York native wrote the song in August 2016, during one of the lowest points in her life. On hiatus from Nickelodeon’s The Other Kingdom, which she starred in for its one on-air season, Zynn bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles to focus on her music career for a few months (Zynn grew up acting, dancing, and singing). But when she arrived in the City of Angels earlier that summer, she found herself at an unexpected crossroads.

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