National Wine Day: How To Protect & Preserve Your Vino…

Most everyone likes to drink a good glass of wine after a long day at work. Wine enthusiasts, it’s your lucky day because today is National Wine Day! Check out a few fun facts about wine…


National Wine Day

How many times did you ask yourself how long wine lasts before it goes bad?

Here is the answer:

For Unopened bottles

•    Bottled White Wine lasts for 1-2 Years (*Depending on quality of wine – this applies mostly to Trader Joe's 2 Buck Chuck!)

•    Bottled Red Wine lasts for 2-3 Years*

•    Fine Wine lasts for decades in a wine cellar

For Opened bottles

•    White Wine lasts for 1-3 Days

•    Red Wine lasts for 1-2 Weeks

•    Cooking Wine lasts for 1-2 Months

National Wine Day

Whether a connoisseur of Cabernet or a supporter of Shiraz, no one wants to think about the possibility of a damaged wine collection. Here are the top three ways to preserve…

Document Your Investment 

•    Keep all original documents

•    Keep photos and detailed descriptions of wine bottles 

•    Maintain an updated inventory list

•    Get routine, professional appraisals

Optimal Storage 

•    Store wine in a cellar or electric wine cooler 

•    Climate control

•    Store bottles on their side 

•    Keep stored bottles away from light

Insure Your Collection 

•    Protect your valuable collection with a personal collections insurance policy

National Wine Day

Last but not least, top 10 wine cities in the U.S.:

•    Portland, Ore. 

•    San Francisco 

•    Seattle 

•    Sacramento, Calif. 

•    Rochester, N.Y. 

•    San Jose, Calif. 

•    New York City 

•    Washington, D.C. 

•    Hartford, Conn. 

•    Cincinnati

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