Health Spotlight: Dr. Gail Jackson Shines A Light On Hormone Replacement

Women talk about how to improve and better the way they feel on the outside with makeup, skincare, etc.; but what about how we feel on the inside? As we head into our 40s, 50s, 60s + our hormones drastically change.

dr. gail jackson, bio identical hormone replacementDr. Gail Jackson and Vanessa A. Williams

Los Angeles based OBGYN, Dr. Gail Jackson is changing women's AND men's lives for the better with Bio-Identical Hormones.

On Saturday May 6th, Dr. Jackson and her office hosted an educational talk in the heart of Beverly Hills at Kimora Lee Simmons boutique. As women learned about the procedure, they sipped on Champagne and shopped around the store. A portion of that day's proceeds went to The Wiley Center. Among the guests and supporters was actress and Wiley Center advocate, Vanessa A. Williams.

We learned that, as we age, our sex hormones: estrogen and testosterone diminish. This causes: hot flashes, night sweats, forgetfulness, anxiety, sleep disruption, low libido, moodiness and weight gain and difficulty maintaining that muscle tone are the consequence of these diminishing hormones.

dr. gail jackson, bio identical hormone replacement

Dr. Jackson's Hormone Replacement can show changes within a week's time.

What's the procedure? It's the size of a rice grain which is inserted into your body. These bio-identical hormones serve as a copy-cat to the hormones that your body has lost. They are "plant derived hormones" prepared from precursors found in wild yam or soybean.

Dr. Jackson explained that the hormone replacement works hand-in-hand with the HCG diet, which is less of a diet and more of a lifestyle change in the way you eat. It helps you lose weight and gain energy.

For more information and to attend Dr. Jackson's next talk visit:

dr. gail jackson, bio identical hormone replacement

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