34th California Strawberry Festival: Will You Eat 1 Of The 1.5 Million Strawberries?!

34th California Strawberry Festival

Did you know that 1.5 million strawberries will be consumed at this weekend's CA Strawberry Fest?

The annual California Strawberry Festival is back on Saturday and Sunday May 20 & 21, for a two-day festival to celebrate the most popular and refreshing fruit in Oxnard.

Where else can you nosh on strawberry nachos, deep fried strawberries, and strawberry pizza, along with a gulp of strawberry beer while knowing proceeds go to local charities?

The popular pie eating contest and tart toss are the essence of goo and good fun. Newly expanded Festival grounds feature 50 food booths, live concerts on two stages, 200 arts & crafts, celebrity chef demonstrations, rides and attractions in Strawberryland for Kids, and more.


Strawberry Tart Toss at 11:00am and 2:30pm  

Berry Blast Off Recipe Contest 1:00pm (Saturday only)

Strawberry Smackdown Contest 1:00pm (Sunday only) 

Strawberry Pie Eating Contest at 1:00pm and 4:00pm  

Strawberry Relay at 5:00pm

Berry Best Strawberry Hat Contest at 3:00pm

Berry Best Dressed Baby Contest at 3:30pm

Location: Strawberry Meadows of College Park at 3250 South Rose Avenue, Oxnard

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