STARZ Adds Stephen Rea, Sarah Bolger & More To ‘Counterpart’ Cast

STARZ has cast Stephen Rea, Richard Schiff, and Sarah Bolger for their upcoming drama Counterpart. The three will be recurring guest stars on the show which stars JK Simmons in the lead role.

Rea is an Irish actor who has starred in hit movies Michael Collins, V For Vendetta, and The Crying Game; the latter of which earned him an Academy Award nomination. He will be joined by Schiff, a past Emmy Award nominee for his work on the West Wing. Bolger is an actress of Irish heritage who has previously been featured on Agent Carter.

Counterpart is about a lowly cog, Howard Silk (Simmons), in bureaucratic agency which he discovers is guarding a crossing into a parallel dimension. Through Howard and his counterpart on the other side, the show will explore themes of identity, what ifs, and lost love.

Production began in December 2016.

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