Marshall Allman Launches Kickstarter For Film Series About Life Post-Wedding

Marshall Allman, make like a dog, kickstarter campaign

LATF first met actor Marshall Allman when he was starring on HBO's "True Blood" as one of our favorite shape-shifters.

Now Allman is venturing into filmmaking. Having finished his first film in a series: Make Like a Dog, he is calling to film lovers and supporters to help him make the rest via Kickstarter.

The plan is to make 5 more shorts with the same actors playing different couples, in different decades, dealing with different socio-political issues within their marriages.  

To be clear: Allman is not making a film about getting married. He is talking about what happens AFTER the honeymoon. In the thick of it.

In his Kickstarter description, he says: But I am not bagging on other films… Eyes Wide Shut is one of my favorite films of all time and who doesn't love Gone Girl? Blue Valentine? But when thinking about my making my first film I knew that it had to be about marriage and that it had to be funny. And dramatic. Similar to Togetherness or Raising Arizona. Because that is how my marriage is: it's everything all at once. I mean, who really wants to sit down for hours and face the infinitely complex and intricate nature of marriage without at least laughing a little bit? Am I right?

So help us make the next one: A Tribulation! Set in 2024 about a couple of doomsday preppers who completely disagree about how the world will end but completely agree that sh*t is definitely gonna hit the fan.

They have 11 days to go so visit the site and back now!

Read our throwback True Blood interview with Marshall here.

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