Kevin Hart Invests In Men’s Underwear Brand Tommy John

Kevin Hart Tommy John announced Kevin Hart's recent investment in the premium men's underwear brand. Originally launched in 2008, Tommy John is the company committed to solving the real problems and discomfort men face with their undergarments through the innovative fabric, fit and functionality of their designs.

A long time fan of the brand, Kevin approached Tom Patterson, founder and CEO of Tommy John, looking to invest in the brand and discuss the possibility of collaborating on an edited collection.

Tom Patterson launched Tommy John after long being frustrated by the lack of innovation in men's undergarments. The company has grown 2.5 times year over year since 2014 and is expected to exceed $100M in sales by 2018. Tommy John has been profitable since launch.

Along with Hart's undisclosed investment, Tommy John will launch an edited collection with the actor pairing his authentic style with Tommy John's premium product offering. The collection is expected to be available Fall 2017.

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