Garden Spotlight: WORX® AeroCart™ Does The Heavy Lifting For You

Watch LATF try out the AeroCart!

Many of us love doing our own landscaping, gardening and even winter snow shoveling. But we can't always do it by ourselves… and who wants to ask the neighbor for help? We discovered the remarkable WORX® AeroCart™, which will easily become your best friend when it comes to yardwork.

Can't lift that heavy tree trunk, that gigantic stone or a pile of big rocks? (By the way, Sept. 16th is National Collect Rocks Day!) Need to move the fridge but don't have an extra pair of hands? We figured out that AeroCart can solve those heavy lifting problems.

So, what is it? It's a multi-purpose cart that can be used for dozens of moving projects. AeroCart’s dual-position wheels handle the work of eight carts including a wheelbarrow, hand truck/dolly, extended dolly, bag holder, cylinder holder, rock mover, plant mover, and trailer dolly.

When you lift something so heavy and barely feel it, you wonder about the science of AeroCart. Well, it exploits the physics of leverage. As a wheelbarrow, AeroCart’s tub is specially shaped to concentrate the center of gravity directly over the wheels. This creates a perfectly balanced load that can be lifted and moved with ease.  In fact, testing results have shown that a 200 lb. load feels more like 17 lbs. Plus, Aerocart’s two wheels improve stability and alleviate side-to-side movement. Unlike a standard wheelbarrow, AeroCart will not tip over.Worx aerocart review

With all of its accessories and parts, it's easy to use and transform for whatever you need. AeroCart’s accessories include the Plant Mover Strap; Cylinder Holder; Bag Holder and Rock Holder.  Optional accessories: a Wagon Conversion Kit, (WA0228, $79.99); Snow Plow Attachment, (WA0230, $39.99); Universal Tool Holders (WAO235, $9.99) and Watering Bag, (WA0229, $19.99).  

AeroCart’s narrow 22 in. width takes it through fence gates and through most homes’ front doors to transport furniture, totes, boxes, refrigerators (up to 300 lbs.) and even demolition debris.Worx aerocart

The multi-purpose cart is equipped with accessories to move flower pots, burlap tree balls and landscape boulders; a cylinder dolly for transporting water jugs, fuel tank cylinders and propane tanks, also is included. AeroCart functions as a hand truck for moving totes, boxes and even large items like refrigerators. Plus, it can haul wood just like a log cart or jockey trailers like a trailer dolly.

If you don't believe it… try it yourself!

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