Apple’s iPhone7 Will Be Water Resistant

Apple iphone7It's that time again. Apple is revealing yet another next generation iPhone: the iPhone7. They are also unveiling the Apple Watch 2.

You can watch the event on all Apple devices. Tim Cook made several announcements, including subscriber news for iTunes, which has reached over 17 million subscribers. But the most important information worth noting… are the new features for the iPhone7.

Here are some quotes and features from the conference:

  • The best trackpad we've ever had in a notebook.
  • Taptic engine that is more responsive.
  • Water and dust resistant
  • The camera has an optical image stabilizer with up to 3x longer exposure
  • 50% more light for camera sensor with six element lense.

Apple iphone 7

  • Auto image stabilization
  • All-new 12MP camera
  • High-Speed sensor

Watch the full live feed with Safari browser at



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