H20 Spotlight: 1907 Alkaline Water Straight From New Zealand

1907 new zealand waterWhoever said “Milk does a body good” should have said: “Water does a body good.”

We all can agree that water is necessary to keep a healthy body. Recently 1907, a new brand of natural alkaline water sourced just outside of Paeroa, New Zealand, just became available in the Los Angeles.

Lower in mineral content gives it the feeling of silkiness on the pallet. Not only does it taste great, but the advantages of drinking alkaline water include a plethora of physical benefits: the delivery of antioxidants that can counteract environmental free radicals, assistance with detoxifying the skin, and help with lubricating muscles and joints.

1907 Water’s natural alkalinity also helps balance the body’s acidity levels, which can aid in mitigating the negative effects caused by stress, lack of sleep and poor diet. For those conscious of waste, all bottles shipped from the 1907Water plant are made from 100% Post Consumer Food Grade Recycled Plastic.

Why is it called 1907 you may ask? Well, simply because the original pioneers first started bottling water in 1907 in the town of Paeroa, New Zealand, a country known for its purity and beauty. From Paeroa artesian source (680 feet deep) 1907 water brings you their high alkaline artesian water.

1907 water can be found in New Zealand, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and the Pacific Islands. It is available in 3 attractive sizes: the 2 Liter ($3.99) is perfect for the fridge, the 1 liter ($2.19) and the 500ml ($1.29

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Frankly, 1907 has a great fresh taste. You must try it.

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