GoPro Documents Inspiring Story Of Two Friends

GoPro released a must-see video (watch above) about the triumph of the human spirit and the incredible bonds that can be born out of hardship. The short film is the story of two men – one armless, one blind – who, together, have planted a forest of more than 10,000 trees in rural China and built a legacy for the future generations of their village.

GoPro traveled to their home in Hebei Province in March to capture their amazing story, experience their day-to-day life firsthand and witness the impact on their community.

The story of Jia Wenqi and Jia Haixia has gone viral in China and GoPro wants to help support their great cause through the release of this short film.

Get behind-the-scenes access of the three-day shoot on GoPro's news blog, The Inside Line, and more information about how you can support on our GoPro for a Cause site.

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