What Is This Incredible Hyperloop One Exactly?

Hyperloop OneYou've probably been hearing about the Hyperloop One here, there and everywhere this past week. But what is it exactly?

Formally speaking, the company's site states that it it's high energy efficiency coupled with electric propulsion yield an energy elegant, carbon free mode of transportation. And to enable on-demand transport, Hyperloop pods are much smaller than most planes and trains and are designed to depart as often as every 10 seconds.

This LA-based startup is the brainchild of engineer and SpaceX CEO/CTO Elon Musk. On Wednesday, they conducted their first public open-air test in the Nevada desert. Media, investors, etc. gathered and watched as the 10-foot long sled contraption shot down a train track in a matter of seconds. It's essentially, traveling at the speed of light – or at least, it's trying to. Watch a test preview here:

Zero to 60 mph in 1.1 seconds, before stopping into a big plume of sand, the company's blog states.

In time, Hyperloop One could change travel forever…

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