Scandy Expands 3D Scan To 3D Printing From Mobile Devices

scandy 3d printingScandy is known for their 3D scan-to-3D print from mobile devices. 

The company has now raised a $1mm seed round to develop their application for the upcoming launch of the first phones equipped with embedded depth sensors and the Google Project Tango software. Callais Capital led the round along with angel investors from Louisiana, Texas and Maryland.

"We are delighted to have Callais Capital as an investor. They are committed to helping us take an early lead in the nascent mobile 3D scanning industry. We welcome Hal Callais to our Board," said Charles Carriere, CEO and co-founder of Scandy.

"Scandy has an opportunity to define how users capture and consume 3D content. We are excited to be part of this tremendous growth opportunity," said Hal Callais, Managing Director and CIO of Callais Capital Management. "By allowing a user to create 3D content, share it on social media, and order 3D prints from the same application, Scandy has made 3D easy for the average consumer."

Scandy recently launched its Scandy Sphere app which allows users to create 360-degree panoramas and order full-color 3D printed Scandy Spheres. The app is in the App Store for iOS and the Android app will be in the Google Play store by the end of April.

Scandy will be launching its Scandy Project Tango app in the fall, which will allow users to create, edit, and share 3D scans from phones equipped with depth sensors, and order full-color 3D prints of the scans.

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