OpenTable Unveils Dish Pictures You Can Taste!

This might not be the most sanitary setup, but this 4D technology enables diners to lick and taste dish photos within the OpenTable app and it's wild!

OpenTable, the world's leading provider of online restaurant reservations, today unveiled "OpenTable Taste," a new feature available exclusively within the OpenTable app that gives diners the pleasure of discovering the perfect dish with a simple lick of their phone, phablet or tablet. 

"OpenTable is committed to helping diners and restaurants around the globe connect in new and exciting ways," said Scott Jampol, OpenTable Senior Vice President of Marketing.  "OpenTable Taste combines the unstoppable food porn trend with ground-breaking technology that we believe will make discovering new restaurants more delightful by giving diners a taste of the restaurant before they arrive."

Leveraging revolutionary 4D technology, OpenTable makes it easy for restaurants to share and promote their favorite dishes and have them transcend space and time.  The temperature control via tongue swipes ensures that the desirability and integrity of the dish is maintained from the first to last lick.  Diners looking for the perfect meal – or wanting to relive one – can simply open the latest version of the OpenTable app to find restaurant dish photos and lick away.  The technology also makes it possible for diners adhering to special diets ranging from low-carb to paleo to taste anything they want guilt-free.

Diners can learn more about the OpenTable Taste feature, the technology, as well as the associated risks and uncertainties, by visiting








—– JK JK JK you can't lick your phone! HAPPY APRIL FOOLS'!

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