Soccer Player Brandi Chastain Will Donate Brain To Science For CTE Answers

Brandi ChastainMore recently, brain injuries from sports, such as football and soccer have made headlines. In the Will Smith film, "Concussion," the storyline sheds light on CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy), a disease caused by repetitive brain trauma, especially among football players.

Now this week, retired soccer player, Brandi Chastain has announced that she will donate her brain to science. Other sports stars, such as Frank Gifford and Ken Stabler, who were diagnosed with CTE have also volunteered their brains for advanced research.

Chastain told CBS News, "It is really about: How I can help impact soccer beyond scoring a goal in 1999 in the World Cup final. Can I do something more to leave soccer in a better place than it was when I began this wonderful journey with this game?"

"I would really like to leave something beyond that," she added.

On ABC Morning news, they reported that Chastain now coaches a school soccer team. She has chosen not to teach or allow her athletes to head-butt the ball.

Chastain is a former member of the United States women's national soccer team.

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