Fender Custom Shop Announces The George Harrison Tribute Rosewood Telecaster® 2016

Preserving the Legacy of George Harrison through one of the most famous guitars in music history, Fender pays homage to what is arguably the most famous Telecaster in musical history, George Harrison’s Rosewood Telecaster, with a limited-run series of 100 guitars. Created with and fully supported by the Harrison family, Master Builder Paul Waller was given access to George’s original guitar from 1968 to examine, disassemble and reverse engineer for a truly accurate recreation. This was a challenging process since the original guitar, given away by George to Delaney Bramlett, had gone through a series of modifications over the years.  Through a meticulous process, Fender was able to create the guitar as it was in its glory days, before any of these changes were made.

Documenting every detail step by step, Master Builder Paul Waller was able to re-create this guitar the right way – even closely matching the tight grain of the rosewood that was in the original. Each of these tribute models is as close as humanly possible to the guitar that George Harrison recorded the album “Let It Be” with, and played during the band’s final performance on the Abbey Road Studios rooftop. The George Harrison Tribute Rosewood Telecaster features a very light version of the Custom Shop’s “Closet Classic” finish, to approximate the condition it would be in if someone had used it for a single recording session, and to play a single concert. The Harrison family felt that this would be the most genuine way to honor George, his fans and collectors. Hi res images and making of video available by emailing


Caroline Galloway

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