Who Is America’s Favorite Movie Star?

Tom HanksEvery year, The Harris Poll surveys thousands of Americans to see who their favorite movie star is.

Drumroll….. His roles over the years have taken him into the past and the future, out into space and even into a child's toy chest, and this year Tom Hanks – currently in theaters as attorney James B. Donovan in Bridge of Spies – returns to the role of America's Favorite Movie Star.

This is Hanks' fifth time at the top of the list (with previous wins recorded in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2013) and represents a four-spot jump from the No. 5 spot last year.

Johnny Depp, most recently onscreen in an acclaimed portrayal of mobster Whitey Bulger in Black Mass, is in the No. 2 spot this year (up from No. 4 a year ago).

Denzel Washington, who topped the list last year but didn't appear in any major releases in 2015 – falls to the No. 3 position. Meanwhile, the late John Wayne, who hasn't appeared in a major release in… well, quite a bit longer, nonetheless remains a mainstay on the list; at No. 4 this year (down from No. 2), the Duke is the only person who has never dropped off of the top 10 in over two decades.

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