Sony’s “News Suite” Filters The News You Want

News Suite SonySony is releasing "News Suite," a free new news app for Android devices. The app features a large-scale overhaul of the functionality of Sony's previous news app, "Socialife News".

With News Suite, users can select the news media they're interested in and customize how it's acquired, just as before, but the app also boasts the new feature of genre-based news pages.

The User Interface (UI) has also been rebooted with a new two-tab system — the "News" tab features general news from around the world organized by genre, and the "My Feeds" tab gathers together news and blog posts that users are interested in — allowing general and personalized news to be viewed separately. Users can efficiently and quickly get to grips with news on a wide scale, and the personalized news they want to read up on in more depth is just a tab away.

The two-tab system allows for the clear and separate organization of general and personalized news

– News Suite's Main Features

1. Efficiently get hold of the information you want, just by switching between the "News" and "My Feeds" tabs

News Suite features a two-tab system to deliver users the best of both worlds: the "News" tab provides a breakdown of general news organized by genre, and the customizable "My Feeds" tab allows users to choose the content they want to see most. It's quick and easy to switch between two experiences. Users can get an instant grasp on current events, for example, followed by reading up on the news that's relevant to their interests and posts from their favorite artists just by switching over to the "My Feeds" tab.

2. Speedily get to grips with general news with the addition of genre-organized news feeds

Users can view news articles organized by such genres as Entertainment, Sports, Business, Food, and Technology to get an instant grasp on what's happening in the world, as it happens. Catch up on fresh and recent news with high-speed vertical scrolling. Flick to the left or right to easily switch genres with just one hand.

3. Easily view articles that match your interests with the "My Feeds" tab

The "My Feeds" tab lets you gather and enjoy all the news you care about. To customize, select from the news catalog (RSS list) or simply input keywords such as the names of your favorite teams or movie stars. A variety of articles will be retrieved and accumulated for a single keyword, allowing you to see developments for that keyword over time.

The app also allows you to easily check the weather in your city.

– User Count

News Suite (formerly Socialife News) is presently installed on a total of 40 million devices across 70 countries, and is well used by 6 million users a month.

– Supported Devices

Smartphones running Android 4.1 or above
As well as being a preinstalled app on Sony Xperia smartphones, it can also be used on other Android phones running Android 4.1 or higher once downloaded from Google Play.

– News Suite Official Page

– Google Play Store Page

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