From ‘Daddy’s Home’ To ‘Alvin & The Chipmunks:’ Holiday Movies For The Family

Leonardo DiCaprio surviving a bloody bear attack isn’t exactly a comforting movie for the entire family, especially the wee ones.

Here are the family friendly movies hitting theaters this Christmas (December 25th) for all ages!


“Daddy’s Home” follows a mild-mannered radio executive (Will Ferrell) who strives to become the best stepdad to his wife’s two children, but complications ensue when their freewheeling and freeloading real father (Mark Wahlberg) arrives, forcing him to compete for the affection of the kids.

Live Action Animation…

In “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip,” through a series of misunderstandings, Alvin, Simon and Theodore come to believe that Dave is going to propose to his new girlfriend in Miami…and dump them.  They have three days to get to him and stop the proposal, saving themselves not only from losing Dave but possibly from gaining a terrible stepbrother. Hit theaters December 18th.


More for the teenagers… see “Point Break.” Thrill-seeking criminals perform a series of daredevil stunts to steal money and gems, only to give it away to the poor and less fortunate. Training for a job with the FBI, young recruit Johnny Utah suspects that only extreme athletes could pull off these heists. Utilizing his own special skills, Utah infiltrates the gang of thieves after befriending their charismatic leader, Bodhi. As Johnny experiences the rush of their lifestyle, his superiors fear that his loyalties are being tested.

And of course, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” if you can get tickets! Read LATF's review here.

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