Clash Of Kings Wins Facebook’s GAME OF THE YEAR

Clash of Kings - Game of the Year - FacebookFacebook has just kicked things off in a big way, announcing its 2015 Game of the Year is Clash of Kings, the free-to-play MMO real-time strategy game that debuted back in August last year for the Android and iOS platforms.

To celebrate another year in video games, Facebook has announced the winners of its Game of the Year Awards. This year, Facebook has 22 titles of 2015 that it feels deserves recognition, and Clash of Kings is the ruler of the Facebook's 2015 Games of the Year. Developed by ELEX, Clash of Kings is a real-time strategy game where players build an empire, and it involves elements such as city-building, castle defense, and conquering lands.

Facebook came down to this choice for the game of the year based off of two main reasons. First of all, Facebook combed through user data, aggregating information based off of what its over 1.55 billion monthly users were discussing the most on the socia media. Then, Facebook analyzed other considerations, such as a game's retention rate, overall score, level of player engagement, etc., based on its over 450 million people who play games on or connect to games via Facebook on mobile devices & consoles every month.

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