Slamdance Film Festival Announces Narrative & Documentary Lineup

Slamdance Film Festival 2016The Slamdance Film Festival is almost here. The fest announced their Narrative and Documentary Feature Film Competition programs for its 22nd Festival edition.

As the premiere film festival by filmmakers for filmmakers, Slamdance's showcase of emerging artists includes 12 narrative and 8 documentary films. This 20-feature film competition includes 16 premieres – 12 World, 3 North American, and 1 US premieres. 

The 2016 Slamdance Film Festival will take place from January 22rd – 28th, 2015 in Park City, Utah at the Treasure Mountain Inn, located at 255 Main Street, Park City, UT 84060


All the Colors of the Night  – Director: Pedro Severien; Screenwriter: Luiz Otávio Pereira


Iris wakes up in her spacious seafront apartment, discovers a body in the living room and enlists the help of other women, setting off a spiral of redemption in an atmospheric drama of dark imagery and questionable reality.

Cast: Sabrina Greve, Sandra Possani, Brenda Ligia, Giovanna Simões, Rômulo Braga


Alvin’s Harmonious World of Opposites – Director & Screenwriter: Platon Theodoris

(Australia/Indonesia) North American Premiere

Agoraphobic Alvin prefers stuffed pandas and online shopping to the aggressive rantings of his neighbor Virginia, until the sludge seeping from his ceiling forces him to search for answers in this offbeat comedy with a tender heart.

Cast: Teik-Kim Pok, Vashti Hughes, Dessy Fitri, Ailis Logan, Nitin Vengurlekar, Tina Andrews, Alicia O'Donnel


Chemical Cut – Director & Screenwriter: Marjorie Conrad

(USA) World Premiere

23-year-old Irene is an artistic misfit turned LA model busy searching for identity, inspiration and a kindred spirit while surrounded by competition, absurdity, and so many nude bras.

Cast: Marjorie Conrad, Ian Coster, Leah Rudick, Michael Lucid, Stephen Saban, Deven Green, Nicolas Coster, Vicki Marlane


Driftwood – Director & Screenwriter: Paul Taylor

(USA) World Premiere

A young woman washes ashore and is claimed and conditioned by an older man in this intricately layered, dialogue-free exploration of familial roles, isolation and captivity.

Cast: Joslyn Jensen, Paul C. Kelly, Michael Fentin


Honey Buddies – Director: Alex Simmons; Screenwriters: Alex Simmons, David Giuntoli, Flula Borg

(USA) World Premiere

Jilted groom David is convinced by his excitable best man Flula to continue with his planned honeymoon, a backcountry trek in the mountains of Oregon, in a highly comedic ode to friendship and the great outdoors.

Cast: David Giuntoli, Flula Borg, Brian T. Finney, Claire Coffee, Jeanne Syquia


Hunky Dory – Director: Michael Curtis Johnson; Screenwriters: Michael Curtis Johnson, Tomas Pais

 (USA) World Premiere

After his ex disappears, Sidney, a dive bar drag queen, is forced to look after his 11-year-old son in a tale of unconventional fatherhood, the fear of mediocrity, and the pulsing reality of dreams deferred.

Cast: Tomas Pais, Peter Van Norden, Jeff Newburg, Joy Darash, Edouard Holdener, Nora Rothman, Chad Borden, Chad Hartigan


If There’s A Hell Below – Director: Nathan Williams; Screenwriters: Nathan Williams, Matthew Williams

(USA) World Premiere

In a desolate landscape, an ambitious young journalist in a dusty car meets covertly with a national security whistleblower, and their roving exchange becomes increasingly cloaked in paranoia, tension and escalating threat.

Cast: Conner Marx, Carol Roscoe, Paul Budraitis, Mark Carr


Last Summer – Director: Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli; Screenwriters: Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli, Igort

(Italy) US Premiere

Set on board a luxury yacht in sparkling international waters, this tense and stylish drama captures the four final days a mother is granted with her 6-year-old son to say goodbye after losing a custody battle.

Cast: Rinko Kikuchi, Yorick van Wageningen, Lucy Griffiths, Laura Bach, Daniel Ball, Ken Brady


The Lesson – Director & Screenwriter: Ruth Platt

(UK) North American Premiere

A grisly study of the relationship between a tormented teacher and the troubled teens who bear his wrath once he snaps; this morally challenging horror film is dark, claustrophobic, and shockingly eloquent.

Cast: Evan Bendall, Robert Hands, Michaela Prchalova, Tom Cox, Rory Coltart, Dolya Gavaniski, Michael Swatton, Charlotte Croft


MAD – Director & Screenwriter: Robert G. Putka

(USA) World Premiere

A matriarch past the point of a nervous breakdown, her two daughters that don't give a damn, and the heat-seeking missiles of resentment they toss at each other create a lively backdrop for this dark and dramatic comedy.

Cast: Jennifer Lafleur, Maryann Plunkett, Eilis Cahill, Mark Reeb, David Sullivan, Conor Casey, Shaun Weiss, Chris Doubek


Neptune – Director: Derek Kimball; Screenwriters: Derek Kimball, Matthew Konkel


Set in the late 1980s on an island off the coast of Maine, an orphan girl raised by the church becomes obsessed by the disappearance of a classmate, and her haunted dreams and visions propel her to push past her sheltered life.

Cast: Jane Ackermann, Tony Reilly, William McDonough III, Christine Louise Marshall, Dylan Chestnutt, Maureen Butler


The Tail Job – Directors & Screenwriters: Bryan Moses, Daniel Millar

(Australia) World Premiere

Nicholas hires a taxi driver to follow his fiancé when he suspects her of cheating in this micro-budget comedy action tale that makes every wrong turn crackle with genuine humor and unexpected insight.

Cast: Blair Dwyer, Craig Anderson, Laura Hughes, Kellie Clarke, Dorje Swallow, Grant Dodwell, Gary Waddell, Ursula Mills




1ha 43a – Director & Screenwriter: Monika Pirch

(Germany) North American Premiere

After inheriting a plot of farming land near Dusseldorf, Monika explores the potential of her field through administrative, historic and poetic methods and manages to reconnect with the land and her ancestry in a beautiful and unexpected way.


Art of the Prank – Director & Screenwriter: Andrea Marini


Legendary funny man Joey Skaggs has been pulling Americas chain since 1965. His next hoax? Film festivals.

Cast: Joey Skaggs, Robert Forster, Peter Maloney, Charlie Todd, Richard Johnson, Buck Wolf, Sarah Farrell, Jeff Cohen


Dead Hands Dig Deep – Director: Jai Love; Screenwriters: Jai Love, Spencer Heath

(USA/Australia ) World Premiere

From the isolation of his secluded desert compound Edwin Borsheim, founder of the shock metal band Kettle Cadaver, ruminates on a life of violence, mayhem and personal destruction lived on the absolute edge of the known musical universe.


Fursonas – Director & Screenwriter: Dominic Rodriguez

(USA) World Premiere

Like any community, the Furry world is one with gossipers, dreamers, followers, whistleblowers and the one guy who wants to rule them all.


Los Punks; We Are All We Have – Director: Angela Boatwright; Screenwriter: Christine Triano

(USA) World Premiere

A cobbled-together family of Hispanic youth comprise the thriving backyard punk scene of South Central and East L.A.: bands, fans, and production are interwoven into a sub-culture of thrash, noise and pits.

Cast: Gary Alvarez, Nacho Corrupted, April Desmadre, Jennie Oi, Alex Pedorro, Natalie Rodriguera


The Million Dollar Duck – Director: Brian Golden Davis; Screenwriter: Martin J. Smith

(USA) World Premiere

Artists from different walks of life vie to win the Federal Duck Stamp Contest, the only art competition of its kind sponsored by the U.S. government.

Cast: The Hautman Brothers, Rebekah Nastav, Tim Taylor, Dee Dee Murry, Rob McBroom, Adam Grimm


Myrtle Beach  – Directors: Neil Rough, Michael Fuller

(Canada) World Premiere

Myrtle Beach is a disturbingly intimate peek into the lives of the deviants, outcasts and forget-me-nows that inhabit this deformed stepsister of Coney Island.


Peanut Gallery – Director & Screenwriter: Molly Gandour


An intimate and unflinching exploration of one family's tragic loss and their attempt to heal after decades of silence.

Cast: Jackson Gandour, Mary Jane Gandour, Molly Gandour, Aimee Gandour

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