Bezalel Launches Kickstarter For First Universal Wireless iPhone Charger

Bezalel chargeriPhone users are more than ready to have a wireless charging station! 

BEZALEL is launching a Kickstarter campaign from November 10th to December 15th to fund production of the first universal wireless charging case for the iPhone. The initial 400 pre-orders on Kickstarter for the new Latitude iPhone case will be manufactured and delivered in time for Christmas.

"The latest iPhones have just about every feature imaginable, with the exception of built-in wireless charging," said BEZALEL CEO and Co-Founder Frank Wu. "We're returning to our Kickstarter roots to enable iPhone users to power up wherever there's a wireless charger."

BEZALEL's Latitude is the first case for the iPhone that works with both the Qi and PMA wireless charging standards. Such dual-mode compatibility means the Latitude can charge the iPhone with every type of wireless charger, including those at a growing number of public places and in an expanding range of products.

Those currently using the Qi standard include McDonald's, IKEA (in select tables and lamps) and Toyota/Lexus; those using PMA include Starbucks, Delta Airlines and GM (select vehicles). The Latitude is the first and only wireless charging solution that doesn't make iPhone users pick a side in the war over competing standards.

The Latitude Kickstarter campaign ( marks a return to crowdfunding for BEZALEL, which launched its breakthrough fully-mobile (rechargeable) wireless charging device via Kickstarter in January 2014.

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