SK-II Launches #ChangeDestiny Campagin With Cate Blanchett

SK-II cate blanchettThis fall, SK-II, Procter & Gamble's Prestige luxury skincare line, is launching a new global campaign in the U.S. that is inspired by its commitment to empowering women with the promise of ageless skin and the confidence to shape their best destiny.

The #ChangeDestiny campaign, the result of SK-II's latest comprehensive research on skin science, delivers proof that it's never too early or too late for women to take control of their destiny and achieve the beautiful skin they've always wanted. 

#ChangeDestiny reveals SK-II's "Skin Destiny Decoded" Study, which dispels the myth that skin aging is something that happens later in life with a first-in-the-world discovery. SK-II found that invisible aging of the skin actually begins in the 20s. Additional studies conducted by SK-II indicate that women who start using Facial Treatment Essence in their 20s look significantly younger in their 30s and 40s. The iconic Facial Treatment Essence boasts over 90% Pitera™, keeping skin beautiful and youthful looking no matter the age you begin use.

SK-II hopes to begin an authentic conversation around #ChangeDestiny so that women around the world can see the 'Living Proof' of the power of SK-II Pitera through the stories of women globally.

To celebrate the launch of #ChangeDestiny, SK-II is opening a Pop-Up Studio in New York City's SoHo district for a limited time, October 3rd through October 31st 2015. The Pop-Up will offer interactive product testing, sampling and complimentary personalized skin consultations using SK-II's analysis tool, the Beauty Imaging System™.

Global Brand Ambassador, Cate Blanchett, will launch the campaign at the New York Pop-Up Studio and on with a new short video, "#Change Destiny – Conversations with Cate Blanchett," that brings her personal experiences and Change Destiny story to life. The video is part of a global series that SK-II has released to share the stories of women who have embraced change in their lives and ultimately changed their own destiny. 

"I have long believed that the continual use of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence has by far been one of the best beauty decisions, dare I say investments, that I could have ever made. Having used SK-II for over 12 years now, I can say it has changed and shaped the destiny of my skin. I am proud to be part of SK-II's efforts to further inspire women to embrace change in all aspects of their lives." -Cate Blanchett

At the Pop-Up, SK-II will also introduce the new Mid-Day Essence – a hydrating facial spray created for women on-the-go that can be used to refresh skin throughout the day.  It moisturizes to combat dull, dry skin brought on by daily stressors to give skin a boost, anytime, anywhere. Mid-Day Essence instantly reduces visible effects of oxidative stress on the skin's surface while strengthening the skin moisture barrier over time. With fine mist particles that are a quarter of the size of visible skin pores, the Mid-Day Essence allows better penetration of its key ingredients in the skin's surface, even through makeup. When used together with Facial Treatment Essence, results show a 1.8 times increase in skin's hydration. The Mid-Day Essence is perfect for keeping skin fresh in the office, while traveling or before a night out – plus it helps to prevent makeup from caking and to create a dewy glow.

Women will also experience the iconic SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, and other cult-favorites such as the SK-II Facial Mask.

Found in all SK-II products, Pitera™ – discovered over 35 years ago and made up of a delicate composition of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, saccharides and organic acids – continues to astound researchers with its wealth of benefits.

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