Four Paws Up For Wellness TruFood! It’s Ruff’licious!

Wellness TruFood Pet review - LATF

It’s not easy to get all 4 paws up from LATF’s Pet Corner reporters, Doodle, Casper, Elvis and Laurie… but Wellness Natural Food’s latest line of dog food: Wellness® TruFood® was a win-win-win!

Their latest natural pet food recipes are both for dogs and cats, but we tried the dog line of dry and soft food, as well as the treats. TruFood is made with whole foods, such as whole prey protein, raw produce and antioxidant-loaded superfoods. It’s blended by hand and baked in small batches, just like homemade meals. Made with colorful ingredients you can see like chicken, beets, coconut oil, kale, pumpkin and live active yogurt cultures.

TruFood features three categories of food options: Baked Blends Dry Food, Tasty Pairings Wet Food, and CocoChia Bakes Treats. Doodle definitely favored the CocoChiaBakes.. even over his usual jerky strips. Laurie went straight for the dry food and Elvis loved the wet food because of his lack of top and bottom teeth for chewing.

Wellness TruFood Pet review - LATF

“Our new Wellness TruFood line helps provide pets with the wholesome, natural, grain-free nutrition they need to support their overall health and wellbeing,” says Lisa Laich, Director of Marketing at Wellness. “Real nutrition—nutrition you can see through vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables and whole prey proteins—is the most fundamental source of health and happiness for your pets. We’re thrilled to unveil our newest recipes for dogs and cats of all sizes, palates and stages of life.”

Wellness TruFood is now available nationwide at your local pet specialty retailer, Petco or online at

Wellness TruFood Pet review - LATF

Wellness® TruFood® Baked Blends Dry Food: Wholesome baked nuggets prepared in small batches to deliver optimal nutrition for dogs and cats. Made with 70% more raw protein ingredients than other pet foods, all baked blends recipes are grain, potato and wheat-free, and feature a unique mix of individual, baked components including whole-prey protein bites and living superfood nuggets. Available in flavorsome varieties including Chicken, Chicken Liver and Flaxseed for dogs and Chicken, Chicken Liver and Lentils for cats.

Wellness® TruFood® Tasty Pairings Wet Food: Grain-free recipes for dogs and cats with two delicious layers – shredded protein and fruits and vegetables in a convenient, easy-open cup. Available in flavorsome varieties including Chicken, Pumpkin and Beef for dogs and Chicken, Pumpkin and Turkey for cats.

Wellness® TruFood® CocoChia Baked Treats: Treats for dogs and cats that provide the dietary benefits of coconut oil and chia seeds in a grain-free, slow-baked snack. Paired with superfood ingredients like beets, these healthy treats are the perfect nutritional reward for pets. Available in flavorsome varieties including Lamb, Purple Carrot and Coconut Oil for dogs and Salmon, Coconut Oil and Spinach for cats.


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