Trump Draws Thousands At Rally In Alabama

Donald Trump


On Friday night, Donald Trump landed in Mobile, Alabama. Originally, the 2016 presidential candidate was meant to speak at a hotel, until the demand began to grow. So much so, that Trump drew thousands upon thousands of supporters to a football stadium.

In the heat, Trump spoke with enthusiasm. Often making statements about the fact that he is not a politician and refuses to be called one, the controversial business man said about his running mates, “They’re all talk, they’re no action.”

Referencing his first speech, “I brought up the subject of illegal immigration and I took a lot of heat, that I can tell you. – Two weeks later, everybody was apologizing to me. They saw that I was right.”

Trump focused on the subject of building a wall and enforcing strict deporation of illegal immigrants. “We have to do something,” Trump said with passion. 

As always, he was able to cause the large crowd to laugh. Drawing his fingers through his hair, Trump said, “I’ll prove once and for all that it’s mine.”

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