What Will They Think Of Next? The 1st Solar Powered Mobile Charging Station

Solar Power MagSOL Labs

MagSOL Labs launched the ESL (*Easel*), the world’s first solar power and wireless (Qi) mobile charging station.

The ESL converts solar energy into wireless battery power for virtually any electronic device. A single day of sunlight is enough for four smartphone charges with no wires or power outlets needed.

From grabbing a quick charge when you’re on the go or whenever you might be off the grid, the ESL is designed to keep you connected.

“It’s portable and perfect for life on the go,” notes Ron Vick, co-founder of MagSOL Labs, Inc. “The ESL is the only battery charging device that can be fully used without wires or power outlets.”

The ESL charges smartphones and other electronic devices through Qi-Based wireless charging and also supports USB TurboCharging through a USB Cable. It has an internal battery that can charge a typical smartphone up to 4 times. While wireless charging, it can hold the smartphone in the perfect spot.

In addition, the ESL can reduce electricity costs and power-consuming impact on the environment. This can be critical in areas of the world where affordable electric power and access to electricity is an issue.

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