U.S. Restores Diplomatic Relations With Cuba, Embassies Reopen

Video: Live Stream, President Obama’s 7/1/15 speech via NBC News

54 years later, the U.S. has restored diplomatic ties with Cuba. President Obama declared to Cuban President Raul Castro that, come July 20th, embassies could reopen in each other’s capitals.

“This is a historic step forward in our efforts to normalize relations with the Cuban government and people,” Obama said in a brief announcement at the White House that was broadcast live on Cuban television. “We begin a new chapter with our neighbors in the Americas.”

The President added that, “This is what change looks like.”

In December, Obama announced that the United States was ending an “outdated approach” of isolating Cuba. Just this past May, the U.S. took Cuba off if its state sponsors of terrorism list.




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