Ron Robinson Hosts U.S. Launch Of Elemoon Wearable Jewelry

Ron Robinson hosts Jing Zhou (CEO)'s Elemoon launch

Photos: LATF USA

We all know the Apple Watch, but what about a wearable that actually goes with a woman’s beautiful black dress or white summer maxi gown? Can’t think of anything? That’s because, until now, there wasn’t a tech wearable device that you could pair with your ‘night out’ fashion. Everything has been made for fitness and active wear. CEO & Founder of Elemoon, Jing Zhou has changed that.

Two years ago, Jing decided to fuse tech and fashion for women with the Elemoon wearable cuff. On Thursday, July 30th, the Rob Robinson flagship store in Santa Monica, CA hosted Elemoon’s U.S. launch.

Elemoon wearable launch
Jing showed guests how Elemoon works… Available in white or black, the cuff pairs with a smartphone App. Features include:

  • Pairing the cuff text colors with the colors of your outfit
  • Holding VIP calls
  • Phone finder
  • Custom text/name and design artwork

The most fascinating element of Elemoon is that it truly can capture the colors of your outfit. Simply take a photo of the fabric of your dress, pants or shirt and the App will recognize the colors.

Pairing Elemoon wearable

Elemoon is now being sold at Ron Robinson in Santa Monica:

Elemoon's Jing Zhou, Yoga specialist and Producer Larry Namer


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