Mother’s Day Spotlight: SACHAJUAN Haircare For Mom

Sachajuan shampoo and conditioner

A Great Find: Sachajuan Professional Haircare.

Hailing from Stockholm, SACHAJUAN Professional Haircare Products have been taking the world by storm since 1997. Esteemed international hairdressers, Sacha and Juan are true craftsmen with a love for their art and their clients. With products based largely on the principles specific and unique to their incredibly nourishing Ocean Silk technology, SACHAJUAN is designed to create healthy, strong hair that’s radiant and lustrous. Their simple and straightforward formulas blend serious technological innovation with luxury for results that are immediate, unparalleled, and unbelievably beautiful.

Try Volume Shampoo traveling size. This lightweight shampoo gives hair enviable just-left-the-salon bounce and lift. Best results are obtained when used with the volume conditioner.

Price: $12.00 for 100ml

Their Conditioner with Ocean Silk Technology gives structure, lift and volume for fine and sensitive hair. The well balanced formula leaves hair with a nice bounce.

Price: $13.50 for 100ml

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