A Step-By-Step Deep Skin Cleansing With Biore


Inexpensive and effective, Biore offers solutions to many problems. If you have oily skin with black or white heads, you must keep your pores clean!

Step one. Start with Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar. It has a dual action formula designed to cleanse and exfoliate to draw out dirt and oil that clogs pores for a deep clean. Infused with natural charcoal and jojoba beads the charcoal bar draws out impurities and gently exfoliates for smoother skin. The natural peppermint oil leaves your skin feeling tingly fresh.

Price: $6.99 for 3.77oz  at Ulta

Step two. Use Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips, 6 in a box removes weeks (yes – weeks!) worth of pore gunk with just one strip. With natural charcoal, pore strips suck out oil and blackhead breeding impurities, leaving skin feeling fresh, clean and 3x less oily. To use: Wait 10 minutes. Strip it off. Natural Charcoal is known for its ability to draw out and trap deep-down impurities.

Price: $7.00

Step three. Combine with Biore Pore Minimizer, Charcoal

Infused with natural charcoal and micro-crystals (that’s fancy for exfoliants), this innovative polisher cleans pores by drawing out oil and washing dirt away. To use: Just add H2O + rub. with Natural Charcoal, known for its ability to draw out and trap deep-down impurities. Let us know how it worked for you.

Price: $7.99 for 3.11 fl oz

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