The Perfect Easter Candle Scents For Your Home From Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle - Easter scents

Every season, we can’t get enough of the new scents Yankee Candle has to offer. It’s never a holiday without a Yankee Candle! Over Christmas, the Peppermint Bark, in the summertime… a beach-like scent. Now for Easter, they have two delicious new scented candles:

Peeps® Marshmallow Chicks

The fluffy, sweet marshmallow scent of these classic treats welcomes spring with colorful fun. Similar to birthday cake scented candles, you could easily crave those yellow and pink Peeps the second you light it!

Jelly Beans

A perfect match to your favorite sweet! A handful of grape jelly beans, coated with sugar and ready to enjoy, with a few lemon and raspberry added in the mix.

$27.99, but visit the website for special holiday sales!

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