NASA Supply Vessel Spins Out Of Control Towards Earth

Video:  AbraxasSteadicam – View of 59 spinning out of control

In another attempt by Russian flight controllers to deliver 6,000 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station, the journey of Progress 59 failed to reach its destination. The vessel is now spinning out of control towards Earth.

The good news is that the six crew members of the International Space Station (ISS) are safe and continuing regular operations with sufficient supplies.

According to NASA, “The spacecraft was not carrying any supplies critical for the United States Operating Segment (USOS) of the station.”

Right after the cargo separated from the Soyuz booster’s third stage, an unspecified problem prevented Russian flight controllers from determining whether navigational antennas had deployed and whether fuel system manifolds had pressurized as planned.

According to news reports, the only problem is whether the debris will hit Earth and, if so, will it hit a populated area?

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