L’Oreal USA Gets On Board With PowaTag

L’Oreal USA, the largest subsidiary of the L’Oreal Group has now partnered with acclaimed mobile platform PowaTag.

PowaTag’s unique technology can transform any consumer touch point, from print and TV advertising to eCommerce, retail stores and social media into a platform for mobile transactions, promotions and more on a person’s smartphone. Alongside interacting with print and electronic advertising, instant purchases can also be completed online through PowaTag on both mobile and desktop.

“L’Oreal has led the beauty industry for more than 100 years because of our unrelenting drive to innovate for our customers,” said Marie Gulin-Merle, Chief Marketing Officer at L’Oreal USA. “Through this exciting partnership with PowaTag, we see a new way to merge the online and offline worlds of our customers, adding value to their lives and bringing ease and convenience to their mobile shopping experiences.”

“L’Oreal has recognized the great potential to engage with their customers anytime, anywhere with PowaTag,” said, Dan Wagner, CEO and founder of Powa Technologies. “PowaTag provides a way for consumers to deepen their engagement with their favorite brands and being one of the world’s largest advertisers, the possibilities of what can be achieved for L’Oreal through a smartphone are endless. Mobile devices have become the go-to method for people to explore and connect with brands and PowaTag is rapidly becoming the standard for the world’s leading companies.”

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