First Look: Cities of Love Franchise Continues WIth “Tbilisi, I Love You”

Following the success of “Paris, je t’aime” (2006) and “New York, I Love You” (2009),  “Tbilisi, I Love You” is the next film installment in the popular Emmanuel Benbihy’s “Cities of Love” franchise. It will be released on iTunes & Vimeo on Demand February 24th 2015.

“Cities of Love” is a series of films illustrating the universality of love in major cities around the world. Each episode is a collective feature film composed of no less than 10 short films created by established directors from various countries. Each film must center on an encounter that bears the hope of love and takes place in the current time while containing a strong presence & visual identification of the city selected by each director, so that the audience may experience its singularity.

“Tbilisi, I Love You” continues the tradition with a series of 10 short films that features the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi. Actors involved in the project include Ron Perlman, Malcolm McDowell, Sarah Dumont, George Finn, Nutsa Kukhianidze, Giorgi Kipshidze and Ia Sukhitashvili. Perlman’s short features him as an American motorcyclist who rides through Tbilisi’s remote areas with a woman named Freedom (Dumont). McDowell’s vignette centers around an actor who reluctantly agrees to a one-month shoot in Tbilisi.

The series is directed entirely by Georgian directors that include Nika Agiashvili, Irakli Chkhikvadze, Levan Glonti , Alexander Kviria, Tako Shavgulidze, Kote Takaishvili, Levan Tutberidze and is produced by David and Nika Agiashvili of Storyman Pictures.  Credo Cinema’s Jason Speer, Ever So Close’s Emmanuel Benbihy and Paata Trapaidze are also executive producers.

“Tbilisi, I Love You” will be available on iTunes (HD purchase price $12.99, HD rental $4.99) and (SD purchase price $9.99, SD rental $3.99) and Vimeo on Demand ($12.99) on Tuesday, February 24, 2015.

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