The World’s Largest Lab Cultivated Diamond Unveiled


Pure Grown Diamonds announced a scientific breakthrough with the unveiling of the first-ever, world’s largest, laboratory-cultivated brilliant white diamonds that are indistinguishable from mined diamonds, even under a microscope, yet cost 30 to 40 percent less — just in time for New Year’s Eve when millions of Americans get engaged.

“This 21st Century technological achievement comes during the holiday season when 26 percent of all marriage proposals occur; a few weeks before Valentine’s Day when six million couples get engaged; when most men spend 25 percent of their annual salaries on a diamond ring and when prices are at an all-time high – up 75 percent since 2009, due to depletion of natural resources,” said Pure Grown Diamonds President and CEO Lisa Bissell.

“During the past 70 years, many have tried to grow scintillating, sizeable, colorless diamonds but have failed,” explains Pure Grown Diamonds Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Devi Shanker Misra, PhD. “No one, no company has achieved what Pure Grown Diamonds has accomplished — culturing thousands of alluring diamonds that rival mined-diamonds, in every aspect.”

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