Netflix Reveals “Bill Burr: I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” Poster

Bill Burr NetflixNetflix will air “BILL BURR: I’M SORRY YOU FEEL THAT WAY” on Friday, December 5th. Today Netflix released an hilarious teaser for the show and the main poster.

Bill Burr takes the stage of the Tabernacle in Atlanta for his fourth hour-long special.

Join him as he escapes the zombie apocalypse in his getaway helicopter, explores how nothing ruins great sex like a rom-com, and explains how too many childhood hugs may be the downfall of man. 

BILL BURR: I’M SORRY YOU FEEL THAT WAY is executive produced by Bill Burr, Dave Becky, Mike Berkowitz, Brian Volk-Weiss and Cisco Henson.

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