NBA All-Star Chris Paul Shoots Kids Foot Locker Spot For Holiday Season

Kids Foot Locker unveiled a new, humorous 30-second television commercial for the holiday season. Timed to hit the airwaves as sports fans and athletes around the country stock up on holiday gifts, the spot titled, “Superpower,” features seven-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul along with Paul’s real-life mother, Robin, wife, Jada, and children, Lil’ Chris and Camryn.

As Lil’ Chris opens presents filled with fresh Jordan gear from Kids Foot Locker, Paul shares that he only had one dream as a kid – to be able to fly. Paul’s mother, Robin, joins in the tender moment by recalling that her son’s childhood dream was, in fact, to be able to talk to animals. Paul respectfully disagrees and his mom takes it further by telling the family he wanted to get to know Mr. Peeps, his pet guinea pig, better as Jada and the children giggle in amusement.

“We are very excited to continue our partnership between Kids Foot Locker and Chris Paul. Chris is a great role model for kids, leading them both on and off the court,” said Stacy Cunningham, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Kids Foot Locker. “Superpower’ shows them that with big dreams and a lot of heart, you can transform into the hero that you aspire to be.”

“The holiday season is such a special time of year and having the opportunity to work with my family in this Kids Foot Locker campaign has been great,” said Paul.

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