“Meet The Press” Is Coming To SiriusXM

Meet The PressNBC’s Meet the Press, the iconic forum for political conversation on Sunday mornings will be available to SiriusXM subscribers nationwide beginning Sunday, December 14.

SiriusXM will air the Meet the Press audiocast via satellite on SiriusXM POTUS channel 124 Sundays at 10:00 am ET.  An afternoon re-broadcast of SiriusXM’s Meet the Press will also be available through the SiriusXM Internet Radio App on smartphones and other connected devices. Please visit for a complete list of replay dates and times.   

Moderated by NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd, Meet the Press is the flagship Sunday morning public affairs program and longest-running broadcast in television history.   Each week, Todd hosts top political leaders, newsmakers, and influential voices to discuss the major issues facing Americans and drive the debate in Washington and beyond.

Meet the Press is an institution for in-depth, robust analysis of politics and issues,” said Dave Gorab, Vice President and General Manager of Talk Programming, SiriusXM.  “We’re pleased that Chuck Todd and his weekly panel of our nation’s top political voices will now be available to SiriusXM listeners at home or on the go.”    

Meet the Press has always been more than a TV show — it’s a tremendous brand that we hope is synonymous with the best of political debate on every platform, regardless of where or how you get your fix,” said Chuck Todd. “We’re thrilled to expand our reach and welcome the audience of SiriusXM listeners.”

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