LG Electronics Announces Smart Appliance Line

LG Smart fridge line

LG Electronics announced new products set to debut in the United States during the first half of next year – from appliances to air solutions to home entertainment devices – will allow consumers to communicate, control, monitor and share content via the popular “LINE” mobile messenger platform and the unique LG HomeChat service.

Smart Refrigerator

Thanks to the messaging capabilities of HomeChat, new LG smart refrigerators can provide users with real-time status updates anywhere, at any time, proving most helpful when grocery shopping (users can see what’s currently in the fridge from its interior camera). Meanwhile, the Smart Saving function allows the refrigerator to consume minimal energy when users are outside the home. Family members can even upload photos to the refrigerator from their smartphones via LINE, which can then be displayed on the appliance’s exterior display panel.

Smart Laundry

Using HomeChat, users can quickly and simply monitor laundry progress, seeing how much time is left in a cycle and even remotely stopping cycles altogether in their smart washer or dryer, if needed. Users can also download new cycles such as Wool, Baby Care and Cold Wash that suit the user’s needs and to always keep the washer updated.

Smart Oven

The Recipe Search function, along with HomeChat allow users to communicate directly with their smart oven, collecting recipe recommendations and discovering exactly which ingredients are needed. Conveniently, the oven will then auto-select the appropriate setting, which helps users avoid the hassle of having to manually set the cooking mode, as well as provide alerts when recipe updates become available. Another convenience feature allows users to remotely monitor the status of the oven, keeping a close eye on the cooking time of those tasty treats.

Smart Air Conditioner

Users can also interact with LG’s smart air conditioner systems via HomeChat to receive up-to-the-minute status updates, including details on current and desired temperatures, power mode, fan speed and more. This allows consumers to more conveniently monitor the air conditioner’s energy usage, which can ultimately help lead to enhanced energy efficiency and cost savings.

Smart Multi-Room Audio Systems

LG’s Music Flow Wi-Fi portable speakers allow consumers to build a custom home audio system that can be controlled using LG’s Music Flow mobile app, and are compatible with Android and iOS devices. Through HomeChat, users can communicate directly with the speakers with simple text commands such as “play songs for party” or “turn off music after one hour.” The speakers can also act as a personal assistant, setting alarms and alerting users of upcoming events on command.

LG also plans to rollout HomeChat in other 2015 products, including a clothes dryer and vacuum cleaner. Visitors to LG’s booth at 2015 International CES (Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall #8204) can personally experience LG’s newest innovations for themselves.

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