TAG Heuer Watchmaker Gives A Show With Formula One’s Jenson Button

TAG Heuer, the Swiss avant-garde watchmaker, known worldwide for its high precision watches and chronographs, celebrated the last race of the Grand Prix season in Abu Dhabi in style when Mclaren Mercedes Formula One superstar and TAG Heuer brand ambassador Jenson Button showcased an exhilarating show with two Gyrfalcons from Abu Dhabi Falconers’ Club. The celebration also witnessed the star driver launch the brand’s latest innovative timepieces.

The exclusive event had Formula 1 champion Jenson Button display his falconry skills while he presented the two Gyrfalcons from the exclusive Abu Dhabi Falconers’ Club in a flamboyant style. The super white Gyrfalcons are considered to be the pinnacle of their breed. With almost 1 meter of wingspan extending from side to side and covered with an astonishing white wash, the Abu Dhabi Falconers’ Club Gyrfalcons are nothing less but a vision of magnificence.

Mr. Stephane Linder, CEO of TAG Heuer, personally welcomed Jenson Button to the event, and gifted him the latest TAG Heuer Formula 1 calibre 16 Automatic. This truly Motor-Racing inspired piece, full-black titanium with some appealing red touches, has been unveiled on the same night by the falcons themselves.

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