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Coming off the highly successful debut of NBA General Manager 2014, which was downloaded nearly 4 million times, From The Bench launches the follow-up version, NBA General Manager 2015.

NBA General Manager 2015 allows users to become the “General Manager” of their favorite basketball team. The game has evolved with great improvements and suggestions by the fans such as The League, additional legend players and new rookies. The app is free and is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

This game features all 30 official NBA teams. Users choose one team, manage it and compete with the other general managers by signing players and proving themselves in exciting games

This season, From The Bench has signed Serge Ibaka to be their cover athlete.

The League: Excitement in every game.

One of the biggest updates in the game this year is the mode most asked for by users: The League. It’s a new competition that will make the game more fun and enjoyable.

Sign current and legend players

Users need to be sure that they have all necessary tools to be able to lead their team to success. Create your best 5-man unit by examining the Free Agents list, where users can sign the best current and legend players. There are three different game modes: head-to-head, tournaments and The League.

Level up players

In NBA General Manager 2015 users can improve their rosters, challenge other users from around the world and strengthen their team with virtual power ups. They will also have the ability to hire employees to unlock new and advanced features and managerial techniques.

This application was developed by From The Bench, a Spanish company based in Alicante which is specialized in developing social sports games for iPhone, Android, iPad and Amazon. They also have other successful games like the Fantasy Manager Franchise, with more than 40 official soccer club licenses, Baseball General Manager and Football Franchise. Their games accumulate more than 40 million mobile downloads.

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