Eyecare Spotlight: Patchology Energizing Eye Kit

Patchology Energizing eye kit

Many of us have small issues with our under-eye area, especially during the change of seasons. Most of the time dehydration and a lack of vitamin D is the main cause of dark circles and puffiness!

I found a three easy steps your eyes can look as good as new. It is called the Patchology Energizing Eye Kit:

How does it work?

Enter Patchology, the three-step patch solution to eliminate the tell-tale signs of aging from tired-looking, depleted eyes. Utilizing patented micro-current technology, Patchology eye patches deliver today’s most effective cosmeceutical ingredients to the skin in a way that regular creams and serums cannot. The perfect union of patches and technology, this three-step kit will soothe and smooth away the years.

Step 1:  Activating Gel Application

  1. Cleanse the under-eye area
  2. Apply a liberal amount of the Activating Gel using the rollerball tube to the back of each eye patch prior to placing under each eye treatment area. 

Step 2:  Patch Treatment

  1. Apply the Energizing Eye Patch and wear for a minimum of 20 minutes (can be worn up to 12 hours)

Step 3:  Remove and Wipe

  1. Gently remove the Energizing Eye Patch and remove any remaining Activating Gel Residue with a Patchology Refreshing Wipes

Price: $75 for a kit including 3 sets of re-usable patches (good for 12 treatments)


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