Brittany Maynard Dies Peacefully, By Choice Under Death With Dignity Act

Brittany Maynard’s farewell

After Brittany Maynard was diagnosed with a stage 4 malignant brain tumor, the controversial right-to-death movement and the 29 year-old have been in the national news spotlight.

On Sunday, November 2nd, Sean Crowley, a spokesman for the non-profit organization Compassion & Choices, confirmed Maynard’s passing. Maynard moved from California to Oregon with her family so that she could legally die with medication prescribed under the Oregon Death With Dignity Act. 

“Brittany has died, but her love of life and nature, her passion and spirit endure,” said Compassion & Choices President Barbara Coombs Lee. In Brittany’s memory, do what matters most. And tell those you love how much they matter to you. We will work to carry on her legacy of bringing end-of-life choice to all Americans.”

Brittany suffered increasingly frequent and longer seizures, severe head and neck pain, and stroke-like symptoms. As symptoms grew more severe she chose to abbreviate the dying process by taking the aid-in-dying medication she had received months ago. This choice is authorized under the Oregon Death With Dignity Act. She died as she intended – peacefully in her bedroom, in the arms of her loved ones.

Brittany’s family requests that the media respect their wish to mourn her loss privately. They have released an official obituary, cut and pasted below and available at

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