New Discovery: Scientists Believed To Have Found Endangered Whale Species

Bryde's Whale

Bryde’s Whale not pictured

Since the 19th century, a specific species of whales have existed, known as Bryde’s whales, named after Norwegian whaler Johan Bryde. According to Mother Nature Network, these whales are found in warm seas around the world. Scientists and researchers now believe they have found a new species connected to Bryde whales. They have been identified in an underwater canyon in the Gulf of Mexico. Not only is this a new whale, but also an endangered one.

According to researchers, the whales have more in common genetically with Bryde’s whales in the Pacific than their cousins in the Atlantic. They also have a unique call, says the chief of the marine mammal program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, which is petitioning to have the whales listed as an endangered species.

The Houston Chronicle reported that there are only about 50 of the unique species of Bryde’s whale left in waters off the Florida Panhandle, and their DeSoto Canyon habitat is in severe danger from the oil industry and other threats.

Michael Jasny, director of the marine mammal program at the Natural Resources Defense Council said this species of whale could be “the most endangered species of whale on the planet.”

“The genetics show that these whales are unlike any other of their species,” Jasny added.

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