Is Blue Paisley The Design Color Of 2015?

PPG Pittsburgh PaintsPPG Pittsburgh Paints® named Blue Paisley, a lavish, almost-but-not-quite royal shade of blue as its 2015 Color of the Year. Experts from PPG Industries anticipate Blue Paisley to play a prominent role in the home décor trends for the coming year as homeowners look to positively influence their lives and decisions with vibrant hues.

Homeowners are seeking home décor inspiration from multiple regions and influences, capable of transforming the home into a glamorous fusion of worldly possibilities. Selecting colors that signify a global eclecticism, such as Blue Paisley (PPG1328-6), aids in the translation of a homeowner’s rich collection of experiences into equally rich home décor options. Blue Paisley is one of the featured colors presented in Possibility, a collection of four new color palettes showcasing the 2015-2016 color trends for THE VOICE OF COLOR® program.

“In observing the purchase behavior of homeowners, a single overarching idea became evident – we are now looking to set the tone for the year ahead using vibrant yet stylish colors that play off our unique experiences and tap into our desire for global eclecticism that mixes natural and manmade themes,” said Dee Schlotter, National Color Marketing Manager, PPG Pittsburgh Paints program. “We are experiencing the popularity of the soft blue shade across all markets, such as home décor, automotive and electronics, making it a clear PPG Color of the Year selection.”

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