Despite Ebola Scare, 21 Million Americans Expected To Fly For Turkey Day

airportBooking data from reveals that 21 million Americans are expected to fly from October through December, either for holiday festivities, to a sunny beach locale or somewhere in between. U.S. domestic seat capacity is expected to be up over three million seats during the busiest travel season of the year, according to OAG. One-half of all air tickets for the Christmas holiday are sold between October and November, making these two months an expensive time to book airfare.

Despite Ebola scare, domestic Thanksgiving flight fares are up 17% percent, averaging $467 this year versus $400 in 2013. Christmas flights are also more expensive than the year prior, but the fare rise is more modest. Flights over Christmas averaged $482 in 2013 and are averaging $493 in 2014, a 2% hike.

On a practical level, securing a less expensive flight leaves more money to spend elsewhere during the holiday season,” said Expedia Senior Editor Sarah Gavin. “There are still great deals to be found. Start looking now and use smart booking tips, such as being flexible with airports and dates, and also looking at flight and hotel packages.”

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