Bruno Mars’ Birthday Gift: Is This A Little Bit Weird?

Bruno MarsA gift certificate, a trip, a beautiful flower arrangement, some chocolates. These are the norms when it comes to a birthday present.

But perhaps Bruno Mars has it all, because his 29th birthday gift from manager, Shaun Hoffman is far from the norm.

Hoffman commissioned Nobilified to recreate a painting of Thomas Gisborne and his wife, Anne, painted by Joseph Wright in 1786 for Mars’s October 8th birthday.  The reinterpretation featured Mars, his girlfriend—model Jessica Caban, and his Rottweiler.

Hoffman selected the famous painting of Gisborne, because while also being a classic painting perfect for couples, both Mars and Gisbourne were/are poets of their time.

What do you think of the painting? A little off the wall?

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