Scarf Meets Jacket: Schalero Debuts ON QVC

Schalero QVCArt and science collided on a recent broadcast of the worldwide shopping network QVC’s Salute to American Dreamers.

Science teacher-turned-entrepreneur Karen Hypolite, Ph.D., unveiled her year-1 patent pending Schalero® – a women’s multipurpose fashion accessory that seamlessly transitions from a scarf, to a shawl or a bolero with a quick tug or pull. The TV appearance is an important milestone for the Atlanta business owner who was a featured designer at global wholesale showcase AmericasMart Atlanta last year and will showcase again this August. The clothing inventor says she was “divinely inspired” to develop the garment after one night of fashion desperation.

“I was hurrying to an after-work meeting and needed a jacket, but didn’t have time to go home,” Hypolite said. “I pinned an old scarf about my shoulders and went to the event, my crisis averted. I went to bed thinking about ways to address this common challenge of the quintessential on-the-go woman: the need for beauty, function, and versatility in a flash. The next day, I got to work on the Schalero®.”

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