Tonight: Episode One Of The New CBS Original Drama “Extant”

After a year-long solo mission in space, scientist Molly Woods (Halle Berry) returns to Earth. But this is far from a homecoming, nor is it a return to normalcy. Beyond the stressful assimilation back into society, something doesn’t feel right physically. She goes to her doctor and discovers she is pregnant. Despite a solitary 13 months she came into contact with someone, or something, without the faintest recollection of who, or what. Her mystifying experience in space and the events that unravel will determine the fate of humanity; the crux of CBS‘s newest original series, “Extant.”

The series is led by the Academy-Award winning Berry with Executive Producer Steven Spielberg leading behind the scenes. The series begins tonight and the remaining 12 will follow Wednesday nights through the summer and into the fall.

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