Tinder Changes Their Dating Game

TinderTinder, the ultimate ‘judge a book by its cover’ dating app, is changing its game. TinderUs have launched a $50 service to help Tinder users maximise their potential.

TinderUs was launched by 25-year-old London based entrepreneur Michael Raven, initially as a joke, but the service saw immediate interest and gained traction via large online and offline press coverage.

Raven said, “It’s no coincidence that TinderUs took off. I run Catch London: PR, Marketing and Communications for Tech Startups. We help bring ideas to market and ensure that they’re covered in the correct places. TinderUs’ initial success is the perfect example of how an idea can spread with the correct launch.”

The service offers expert advice in the five key areas highlighted by TinderUs as being key to a successful Tinder profile:


  • Picking your best 5 photos from Facebook
  • Choosing your main image (most important)
  • Curating your profile tagline
  • Give you ideas and advice on opening lines
  • Giving you expert advice on flirting and what to say in a conversation

A TinderUs consultancy can be booked right now for $50 on

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